Quality Education

YVS uses a proprietary educational model, which places heavy emphasis on individualized educational plans, flexible hours, a year round schedule, vocational training and strong interventions in math and reading. An evidence-based, proven effective Johns Hopkins University program called Talent Math and Talent Reading provides the basis for basic skills recovery in reading and math instruction.

Our curriculum blends individual, hands-on instruction with a computer-aided model that allows students the opportunity to learn and advance at their own pace.  The “blended and parallel” curriculum enables students to continue to engage in a “credit recovery” program and also be afforded the support offered in a traditional, direct-instruction teaching model that many homeless and at-risk youth require for success.  The curriculum is fully aligned to the Michigan High School standards and benchmarks and all required courses for graduation are offered.

Additionally, students can access their practice sessions and homework materials online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and receive credit for that work.